Zwischen munitionsbelasteten Gebieten
Böckenberg / Gerswalde, 2016

Floorhole, guitar strings, electromagnetic string driver, machine screws, wood, rock, flashlights

The old water utility hall in Böckenberg/Gerswalde in the East German Uckermark has been stripped down basically to its concrete walls and stone tile floor. It is traversed by a drainage shaft that is just about three metres in length, half a metre in width and one metre in depth.

For this work a wire made of four steel strings attached to one another is stretched lengthwise across the opening. An electromagnetic string driver is installed close to the wire causing it to oscillate. The drainage shaft itself acts as a soundhole, like that of a classical instrument while the naked room provides resonance and a huge amount of diffuse repercussion.

The tone that is so produced slowly builds up and finally collapses when the oscillating string hits the electromagnetic string driver. From that rattling a new tone slowly originates.

This circle repeats itself continuously.